How Do Your Customers Find You On The Internet?


Unless your website/company has had years of branding or a Massive budget, getting new customers to find your website only happens a few ways.

1. Search Engines like Google and Bing

2. Social Media Sharing Facebook and Pinterest

3. Backlinks from other sites

4. Advertisements on Websites

Getting your site in the position to be found via Search Engines is Called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is done many ways, though only a few ways are correct/effective. It is important to ask questions and view past experience when hiring someone to do your SEO. If done correctly customers will find you or your website when they need it most.

Social Media outlets like, and are normally considered part of a good SEO plan. The way you are portrayed through these social outlets can be a very powerful tool for attracting new customers and keeping past customers connected and informed about your business. Every single mention of your company’s website on these social sites is monitored and effects your ranking. For example, everyone that likes, shares and/or repost new content you’ve added to Facebook helps that content reach new people.

Advertising on the Web can be very costly. If you are not trained on how to setup up your Ad, you may lose tons of money and may not connect with possible customers.

The goal of all of your online marketing should be to generate and promote content designed to entice and engage your potential audience, with the ending result being consumer interaction and actual sales.

David Crowell

is a SEO Consultant and has been doing Search Engine Marketing for Clients from his home town of Jacksonville, FL all the way over the ocean into the United Kingdom. Contact David Crowell at 904-437-088 or Google+