How Often Should I Post On My Blog?

billgates“Content Is King” – Bill Gates (1/3/1996)

The saying “content is king” has always been true and applies to Google’s Search Engine results. Websites that appear on the first page of Google normally have blogs with fresh relevant content. “Content Curation” and “Co-citation” are the new big words in SEO Blogging.

Content Curation is the process of sorting through a lot of information available on the Web and using it to create a new article. Basically just like a doing a book report like you did back in your school days. Co-citation is when keywords are used in an article that also states your Website and or Business name. This is how a site can rank very well with no links because Co-citation is considered a more natural occurring reference to your site, as opposed to a direct link pointing to your site from the content itself.  This is a very Common practice for Ghost/SEO Bloggers.

Ghost Blogging is just like Ghostwriting for the book world. Ghost Bloggers are people you pay to supply your blog and/or site with original, fresh content. How often should your company’s website blog be updated or supplied with a new post? Once a week should be plenty. More often is not bad, but creating a long history of meaningful blog post is time consuming and keeping a nice, balanced schedule is better in the long run. That is something to consider before hiring a Blog writer as well. You want to setup something you can afford to continue.

There is no way of knowing exactly how people are going to search for your company. Having the build up of content related to your company through your blog will allow you to rank for the random ways people type in what they are looking for (instead of just coming up for one keyword or one city).

Example. Your website ranks for Pest Control Jacksonville Florida but it does not rank for Bed Bug Treatment , Termite Control or even Pest Control Jax FL. Having keyword rich blog post mentioning these parts of your businesses services will help people be able to find you.

Wanting to hire a Writer for your blog but to scared to have someone logging into your website? There are many easy fixes to that problem. One of them being an off-site Blog. Make use of a free blogging platform and give you New Ghost Writer the login to your off-site blog. Off-site means not on your website. Doing a blog like this can have even more SEO benefits for you ranking. Check out the TOP Free Blogging Sites List here.

David Crowell

is a SEO Consultant and has been doing Search Engine Marketing for Clients from his home town of Jacksonville, FL all the way over the ocean into the United Kingdom. Contact David Crowell at 904-437-088 or Google+