How many Facebook likes should a business page have?

Do you need Facebook “likes” for a small business?

How many likes does a business need?  There is no clear, easy answer.

Should I Buy Facebook “Likes” for my Business Page or Website?

First things first, are you trying to improve your position on search engine rankings like

In this case it may be better to have it slowly but consistently growing. Google likes to see updates on a site in order for it to rank well, so it would make sense for the same principal to work via your Facebook business page. You need to have the Facebook social plugin on your actual website, however, in order for it to fully help.

Click here to see how to get the Social Media Plugin.

Do you want to look good so people assume you are a legit company and/or have a good honest running business?

There is no perfect answer for that so I will try to break it down.

Research your competitors first and make sure you have more likes than they do. By “more” I mean enough more for you to be the clear choice. If your competitor’s likes are 1,000 for example then you need 1,500, at least. More would be even better.

Small local business seeking customers in their surrounding area need around 300 likes or more than the nearest competitor.

Small business seeking customers from any market area should aim for 1,500 likes or more than competitors.

The target for large business looking to find new customers via Social Media: 10,000 likes.

The likes are not the only thing that matter. Your page actually being used is a major part of being like a well-liked business. Customers don’t always care enough to comment or share your Facebook posts, even if you are the best business ever. You do have the option to buy likes for any post on your business page. In order to have something for people to like, you need to constantly post. If you don’t have time for that, get yourself a GHOST WRITER!

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